Body-oriented Psychotherapy

For a more satisfying life with your emotions,
Using holistic and alternative approaches, including
Focused breathing, Eye work, Voice work, and
Muscle release of blocked energies,
For more satisfying contact with your inner and outer worlds,
And for artists, deepening expression of thought, sensation and emotion.


Central Understandings

Humans are at odds with nature. Life happens from within, spontaneously, but our defensive armoring blocks the interior, natural processes of life. The autonomic nervous system – not the brain – is the center of a person’s excitation, pleasure and satisfaction in life. Expressions from the brain, such as words and empty talking can rationalize deeper realities away. We are easily led astray by the shallow distractions of our screen-filled lives, and our thinking becomes mechanical or mystical. Rational thinking depends on energy integrating somatic and cerebral realities. Your life energy is also your sexual energy. These essential facts bring us back to the core of life. As humans, our roots are in nature. Getting back in accord with nature is life-enhancing and exciting.


What is Character Analysis?

Character analysis looks at how you hold yourself back from being fully alive.

Starting from individuals’ initially irrational, characteristic, self-defeating restrictions, armor removal provides relief that leads to clarity and greater satisfaction in relationships, work, and sexuality.

Disclaimer: Character analysis is a major aspect of orgone therapy, but medical orgone therapy is only practiced by physicians with the specialized training and experience provided by the American College of Orgonomy. As a psychologist, I do not practice the medical aspects of orgone therapy, such as the very specialized hands-on release of muscular armor. Instead, I work to release character armor, which includes focused breathing, eye work, and voice work. Character analysis alone requires many years of training, restructuring, and experience.
Non-physician therapists who claim to be practicing “orgone therapy” are mixing up the terminology. Orgone therapy requires a medical degree and additional special training.


 What Happens in Session?

Our emotional lives are rooted in biology.
Therefore a deep psychotherapy must involve:
Breathing to loosen irrational restrictions,
Going deeper than words to move energy,
Activating muscles to unblock emotions,
Eye work for perception and perspective,
Loosening rigidity to make more room for life,
Tolerating more expansive feelings,
Escaping the tightness of living in your head,
Finding the biological underpinning of problems, and
Avoiding medication if at all possible.

General goals include:
Grasping a more functional view of life,
Finding a rational way to live with your emotions,
Giving your organism the chance to right itself,
Personal growth for work and pleasure,
More comfort, clarity, and satisfaction,
Enhancing the pleasure of being alive.